Licensed Real Estate Agents

How Does ListingConnect Work?

  • You create a profile with information about yourself, as well as links to your website and social media sites, allowing prospective clients to get to know you.
  • Home Sellers use the app to upload information and photos regarding their home, along with a questionnaire regarding the personality traits they are looking for in their ideal Real Estate Agent.
  • ListingConnect uses it's patent pending algorithm to find matching real estate professionals who have sold similar properties nearby.
  • If you match we send you the lead and you can use the app to contact the seller directly. What makes this app especially attractive to home sellers is that it is free and also their personal information and address remain confidential until they decide to share it with you.

Evaluate Prospective Clients Up-Front

  • By having the ability to see all the details of a prospective client, you can evaluate whether or not you and the prospective client are a good match. This can potentionally save you much time and trouble by getting involved with the wrong client.
  • High quality leads. Rather than overpaying for placement on generic real estate sites, you can cut out the middle-man and go straight to the source. No other product gives you as much control over lead generation as ListingConnect.
  • Since you can learn a lot about a prospective client before your first contact, you have the opportunity to make your initial message personalized to the client's needs and interests, instead of sending them an email that feels generic. This helps you make the best first impression possible.
  • You will be able to see an estimated timeframe prospective clients have for selling their home or buying a new home, allowing you to customize your approach starting with the first contact.

Quality Assurance

  • For great real estate leads, go straight to the source, which is the home seller.
  • Home Sellers who take the time to download the app and enter their information are likely to be highly motivated. Don't waste valuable time with leads that are unlikely to generate real business for you. Home sellers who use ListingConnect are serious about finding a Real Estate Agent.

Privacy and Confidentiality

  • Many prospective home sellers and buyers have had a past experience where they were overwhelmed with emails and phone calls after they sent an initial inquiry. This is why prospective home sellers and buyers who use traditional approaches of finding a Real Estate Agent are sometimes hesitant to contact Agents. And when they do, they often provide a limited amount of information. This can make it initially difficult to build rapport with the prospective client, as well as making the acquisition process unnecessarily time comsuming and distracting.
  • ListingConnect uses an internal messaging system for communication. Use this to contact sellers who match your profile with our patent-pending algorithm.

Pricing and Terms

  • For our initial introductory period, all leads generated by ListingConnect for you are totally free.
  • Are you an exceptional licensed Real Estate professional? Download the app and apply to join our network now.